Response to A short history lesson

Eyal, I don't understand your pro war stance any better than you our pro peace. Where is the evidence Iraq was a threat to us. We only belatedly decided it was to help the Iraqi people. Bush grabs at anything when he's faced with direct evidence against his stances. What are we gaining in Iraq except death and destruction of a people in no way a match to our forces? The old axiom is true, "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely." The US is not the only group with power to do so, but it is the present power who is corrupted. AT this point I would not believe any assertion of WMD as that evidence would be suspect. We are creating a blood bath and if the city populations of Iraqs die because of lack of humanitarian aid, the US will never get out from under that yoke. The US/UK war planners have been so smart haven't they? Carl Rove is finally getting a smidge of attention for his "crazy" plan of world domination. I just wish we could get more out.

Created By: Sharon White