Response to COME ON THE IRAQIS!!

There is a danger in protesting against anything that your actions will be used by others to further their (not your) cause. I am decidely "anti-war" in this particular time. Although the realist in me cannot subscribe to the idea that war is always unadvoidable. I am certainly not pro-Saddam. Yet I am aware that protesting against this military action may work for Saddams own ends (remaining in power). On a truely emotional level I can understand the attraction cheering on an underdog has, until I get past the sound bytes of Arab and Western media and know this is no football game, people are dying. I do understand the sense of solidarity the Arab world feels for the Iraqi people and they perhaps have a right to feel hope at an "Arab" resistance to western forces. But we of the west who oppose this war should (my opinion only!)be careful in applauding and cheering any side in this conflict. My own line of thinking which I do not let have reign because of the actual consequences of war are along the lines of: if the US war machine meets with difficulty and is unable to advance, this might give pause to the US administration in planning its next conquest. Because this line of abstract thought means in reality the death of more American and UK soldiers, I consign it to the "not good thinking" category and try to stay clear about what this opposition is about. Besides, such sentiments that cheer on the "enemy" is only going to work for the Pro-war crowd as they point out that it really is all black and white and we are just Saddam apologists and traitors. Such expression for the "enemy" in the US during the Vietnam protests has created such a backlash that now we have to contend with "support the troops" rallys. We do not wish to alienate any who are against the war, cheering on the Iraqis will deeply offend many who might otherwise be against this action. Don't do it!

Created By: Gary Nihsen