Response to A few questions for Pro-War types?

Eyel, Saddam was an example of top down governance. The Ba'ath party came to power by force in 1968 and Saddam, an influential member of the secret police, came to power in 1979. If Saddam has a political leaning it is Nazism. He was raised by a Nazi sympathiser. The Ba'ath party, as we all know by now, had the help of the CIA in coming to power because the U.S. feared the nationalisation of Iraq's oil. Saddam nationalised it anyway, but he did not share the booty with his people. Unlike Chavez. Chavez though must live in the world of top down governance. I think he is honest but he is forced to sup with the devil. I've seen video images of him smiling and shaking hands with Saddam. As have Rumsfeld, Douglas Hurd, etc., who were in less of a dire situation than Chavez. Still wouldn't it be nice if someday we did not have to lie with dogs in order to survive. You're idea that the 'well educated' can only govern means that invariably the wealthy will get to call the shots, they are the ones that went to Harvard afterall. By the way, does W. seem like a well educated guy to you? For our own good I feel we should explore the options that are not offered to us by the views of society and history decided upon by the self appointed cogniscenti of the 'learned'. Maybe we should even start to create a few new options. Sharon, As far as I know Marxism says that in order to achive equality an authority will have to preside over this equalisation process. This again is top down governance. The new ideas of bottom up governance are currently being lived in the Chiapas in Mexico by the Zapatistas. President Fox of Mexico, the Coca Cola president, is reluctant to put the boot in on the Zapatistas of the Chiapas because he knows the world is watching. You can even visit them. Again I am not proscribing anything. I would just be interested in the discussion of these matters becoming more common. I'm still shopping around myself. One thing is certain to me though, when I leave the house I do not see people killing each other, I see co-operation. We, the general public, are the civilised ones and it's not just because there's cops. We don't go around blowing the crap out of each other. I think we are a trust worthy lot, those of us that realize we need one another. I think that crime is unavoidable but with the removal of the social marginalisation, that our current system facilitates, I believe that crime would become far less common. I don't need some wealthy stranger to tell me who I should hate, what I should do with my life, and how I should live it. No thanks. Look at the world. Not good enough. Sorry for any crap spelling, I'm in an internet cafe and in a rush.

Created By: Garret Shanley