Response to Why so stupid??

Your wrong......We are fighting because of what happened on 9/11. Sadam had something to do with that. Whether you want to believe that or not. We are fighting for our freedom. The troops are out there protecting our country. Everyone is complaining that it is taking money to go to war with Iraq.....Well every anti war protester is wasting money. We dont need you out on the streets causing Chaos. That is just wasting money, because we have police out there trying to stop all of you from causing all this chaos and who do you think is paying the police? Where do you think that money is comming from? We dont need you out on the streets wasting the time of the cops trying to stop all of you. So keep your opinions to yourself or online. Keep it off the streets. You might not realize this but all the anti war protesters are causing a war themselves. They are causing a war between the cops and yourself. Its chaos and its stupid. Its not neccisary. One person has died from protesting against this war. He fell off a bridge. Isnt that just as bad as being killed in the war??

Created By: Jacqueline Lent