Response to Why so stupid??

Dear Jacqueline, I believe your intentions are good, really. I only said your weren't a real American to show you how it feels to be condemned for your beliefs. A real American, believe it or not is a "person" born in the US or naturalized by the US government. Said person is entitled to life, liberty and happiness. Said person is entitled to his/her own beliefs. Said person also has rights under the constitution and bill of rights. One of those rights is the freedom of speech. I am exercising that freedom of speech by expressing my opinion that what President Bush is doing is wrong and unlawful. Our troops have little choice. They swore an oath and if they disagree they go to prison. I am supporting them by questioning the leaders that are putting them in harm's way. Its a wrong war for the wrong reasons. Look at the diversity of people opposing the war. Look at this web-site in Ireland, look at the resignations of US diplomats , look at the protesting of veterans of past wars. Should every one of these "persons" just get out? However, I am serious that your views sound fascist to me and seem to have little to do with democratic ideals, those very same ideals you think we are going to bring to Iraq.

Created By: Gary Nihsen