Response to Why so stupid??

Osama Bin Laden became involved in terrorist activities after the last Gulf War. he was against the Saudia Arabian government giving permission to the US troops to have bases there. There was no democractic way there to organise oppostition so he turned to terrorism. This new war will probably give him a boost, and other Islamic, Militant, Fundamentalists. Protesting the war, far from helping the terrorists be they US/UK or Islamic Fundamentalist, actively works against it. This war will probably give a great boost to militant groups as it is, but if people in Arab countries see western people actively coming out defending them and campaiging against imperialism it might help steer them in a different direction. It will certainly make it more difficult to see this as a Muslim versus Christain conflict. You said that the Iraqis wanted their county back. Well they are not going to get it. Powell today announced that the US wanted 'significant, dominating control' of iraq post-war. If the US was to give the country back to the Iraqis, the majority, backgound-wise, would be aligned to Iran. Can you really see that happening? Also if the US govnernment is so interested in democracy, why did it support the anti-demoractic coup in Venezuala? (The pro-coup people cheered when it was announced that the new leadership was getting rid of the national assembly and the ombudsman). Why are they supporting a repressive regime in Columbia? Why do they have states such as Egypt and Israel as allies? They wax lyrical about how Saddam got 99% of the vote, but the president of Egypt got 96%? You might want to look at the posting here about the War Quiz which has some very interesting information.

Created By: Orla Ni Chomhrai