Response to Why so stupid??

WOW GUYS - relaX you give the pro war guys (WArnicks?) a bad name. Being an American means you were born in america and have an American passport. you can ber of any kind of colour, race, sex, belief, etc. this is what is so great about America. So stop throwing the "you are not American" around. you wont get anyone on your (our) side like this. Mr. Lent - I am SO pro war but I am sceptical about te direct link between Osama and Hussein. sure - Al queda supports not Iraq and vice versa (enemy of my enemy) but Al queda would havwe supported anyone if they fought against America (exceot Israel). I believe alot of people here are completely blind to reality but I have also being surprisd (and once or tweice humbled) by some of the comments here. Democracy is the best form of govermant we have and so the anti war movement (as much as I think they aer wrong) has the right - no - the obligation to voice an opposition. So far they have managed to make two superpowers be carefull and use less devestating force againsty civilians. not a mean feat and something they sould be commended for.

Created By: eyal kless