Response to freedom of speech

I have not been posting to this site long, so I do not know just what you have said in the past. As I said before, I welcome debate. I think your ideas and thoughts are actually helping the anti-war movement because we can test our own values and beliefs against your reality. The clearer we become, the more able we become in our ability to get the message of stopping the war out to the public. Having said that, I am aware that this is an "anti-war" site. It is not a "let's debate the pros and cons of war" site. Some may feel it to be a disservice to have someone sooooooo pro-war often leading the discussions (though this should make us give pause and wonder why that is the case.) I do think that if you and Tony Dillon want to hash it out, you might just want to do so at your favorite pub and keep "that" entire scope of history (your view and his) out of this site. In most cases what you say is relevant and presented with intellegence. For my part stay, you don't scare me.

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