Response to Why so stupid??

The world community should find better ways to resolve conflict than by simply launching a military attack against a country and it's people when that country's leader is believed to be operating outside of accepted standards. Labeling entire countries "evil" as Bush did with his "axis of evil" statement does no one any good. Dropping bombs and firing missiles into civilian areas, hoping they hit their intended military or political targets, and then just saying: "oops, I guess we missed" as the bomb leaves a trail of blood and death is absolutely outrageous,and immoral, in my opinion. Maybe the people of France, Canada, Germany etc have some important points to make and maybe the way the U.S. is going about this "war on terrorism" leaves a bit to be desired. I don't believe aggressive, oppressive dictators should be ignored and I am not so naive as to believe that backing up diplomacy with military might is such a bad thing, but I do draw the line when their seems to be a rush to utilize the military solution, without world consent, and when the military solution involves mass killing of innocents, as we are seeing now with the U.S. attack on Iraq. There have got to be better ways to establish peace and lessen threats to that peace. Our challenge to to find those ways.

Created By: Patrick Boyd