Response to COME ON THE IRAQIS!!

Ah, argument ad hominem, the refuge of those whose thoughts have failed. Some of the other points you make, however, I do agree with. Your "possiblities", though permeated with a facetious tone, are nonetheless comprehensible. That is, in that 'certain' companies will revel in their newly acquired contracts, while their directors roll in oodles of dollars like pigs in shit; and that countless lives will be lost as a result of this conflict. And also that war is unpredictable - who knows indeed what else could happen. I, however, cannot support any aspect of a war on the basis that something (good or bad) *might* happen. What I would support, like you Charles, is finding ways to avoid war in the future. However, rather than resort to the sort of anarchy to which Bush and Blair now advocate, and rather than revert to Cold War-type superpower standoffs, I favour maintaining an international legal order, as envisaged after each of the world wars. It is possible to attain order without resorting to war, and so it is also possible to prevent Pax Americana and its empire. Finally, I'm glad that you withdrew your comments of support for one of the warring sides in this invasion (not, of course, that any gladness of mine should have any bearing on you).

Created By: Joan O'Connell