Response to Why so stupid??

I am an American against the war. I sometimes do stupid things, but I don't think this is one of them. [A bit about me: I'm a registered Independant. I strongly supported the action in Afghanistan and the 1991 War. I value common sense reasoning above academic performance. I don't think I'm overly stupid. I have an engineering degree, IQ over 130, run a successful business, designed my own house, and raise a family of five well adjusted -i hope- children] If there was a connection between Al Qaeda and Saddam, I would support the war. It's obvious nothing is there. If Saddam's WMD were a serious threat, inspections would protect us better than war. If we want to help the Iraqi people, there are a hundred ways to do this, all better than war. Presidents make mistakes. Presidents can do the wrong thing. America is bigger than any man. Clinton disgraced the Presidency, but I see Bush on a path to disgrace America. Of course I support our soldiers, they are doing their duty. It is our duty as responsible citizens to voice our opinions. I also wonder how some people could be so stupid, Jacqueline. Some friendly advice: Shut off the TV, expand your thinking.

Created By: Kevin O'Connor