Response to A few questions for Pro-War types?

Garret, thank you for telling me about the Zapatistas of Chiapas. I spent some time reading the history of their rise. I found their story very touching. I hope they succeed and get to amass a larger following to insulate them from the mexican government. They've done what every worker movement has wanted to do. I like their use of ski masks to keep any one from becoming a celebraty for the cause. I also found it interesting that womens rights would be one of the first things they addressed. Maybe what is needed is to take the best of all the models and try to create something new. What I certainly would take from the Zapatistas is that the moment they got what they wanted, the army became only for protection. I'm not sure any group could do that in America today. Couldn't you see GW blasting missiles at Columbus's state house? Its sad that I have lost so much faith in my government that I can picture it happening. Love and peace,

Created By: Sharon White