Response to Why so stupid??

Jackie, we (USA) used to be respected the world over for our positive contributions in WWII and in helping start the United Nations as a beacon for world order. Unfortunately, we have in the last 40 - 50 years shown that we are on a course for power and control. That our efforts have not been for peace but to line our pocket books, revenge or show up some other nation. We have now lost the moral high ground. It started eroding with VietNam and has gone down hill since. If we were attacked, then I would feel different about war. I can not even call what is going on in Iraq a war. It is an invasion of a soveriegn country. I have no problems going after Ben Ladin but I draw the line about what we did to the country of Afganistan and the innocent people there who live like in the stone age. I draw the line with what we are doing in Iraq. We have spent the worlds good will. Squandered it would be a better discription. It saddens me to say that about my country which houses some of the kindest and wonderful people I know. Unfortunately, we also house people who think that might is right and have no rational judgement when it comes to making policy. It is unfortunate that you have been misled in your beliefs. They border on racism of Iraqi's. The Iraqi people have not harmed you. Saddam, although an evil to his people, has not harmed you. As Gandhi said, "An eye for an eye makes the who world blind." You are looking for and eye for an eye from someone who didn't even poke yours. Eyal, where is your sense of indignant racism displayed here? Don't you feel other peoples are due protection from racism too? Or is it okay if they spout for your pro war side? Jackie, war has never kept anyone safe. We weren't safe from Hitler, Japan or Italy during WW11, we aren't safe from the US ventures now. More terror will come from the current policy. What will you do then? Destroy the world? Love and peace,

Created By: Sharon White