Dan: Why anyone would think "fox news" is real news except for estreme right wingers is beyond me. We have no free press in Amrica. Even PBS has fairly well given up legitimacy. And, I think I had this same argument about Sir Winston Churchill with you on another thread. I'll just quote you what Frank Black said since, I can't say it better at this point: "After the war, Clem Attlee's Labour Party won an historic landslide general election. His government instituted a social and economic programme which included the foundation of the National Health Service, and a huge building programme which was designed to rebuild the country after the Blitz and give homes to all who lost theirs or never even had one. In terms of foreign policy, the government started the abolishment of the Britain's Empire, and the conversion to the Commonwealth, giving India, Burma and Ceylon (Sri Lanka) independence. In 1950, Labour won a second consecutive election however this was with a small majority so a new election was called the year later which Labour narrowly lost and Atlee resigned as leader of the Labour Party." Love and peace,

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