Response to Sinn Fein at Demonstrations

Diarmuid, You say Sinn Fein have been consistant in - 1) Their opposition to the Saddam Hussein Regime. - Fair enough, but isn't everyone. 2) Their opposition to US imperialism, - What opposition? By having tea with Bush on the eve of war (as posted previously) 3) Their opposition to UK imperialism, - Opposition!! sure! with bombs and guns 4) Have maintained a ceasefire for nine years. - Officially, yes. but they continue to carry out punishment beatings, extortions and racketeering. have sinn fein ever voiced any opposition to this?? have they hell! 5) They also have four elected TD's, and three MP's. - Only from nationalist strongholds. on a national level the represent less than 8% of the electorate. So dont come if you dont want to. Nobody will miss you but they will Sinn Fein. - i have friends who will not march in the demonstrations because of sinn fein's presence. if sinn fein weren't there i'm sure there would be many more people on the streets. ok, i've answered your points, why don't you answer the points in my original submission.

Created By: Frank Kelly