Response to A short history lesson

Another "historical" aspect to add to this is the French one. I happen to have a lot of friends in France, and I find French people among the most intelligent, articulate and honest there are. So I'm pretty mad at all the crap flying around in the US right now. The anti-French argument goes like this (and it's been touched on above in relation to WW2): "We liberated your ass in 1945 therefore you owe us a debt of eternal unquestioning support and loyalty. You've betrayed us so we can now call you whatever racist names we want and rename every word in the English language with the prefix "french'." For those who think this is a valid historical argument I would like to point out that America won its independence with help from the French, that the French invented the modern ideal of democracy (as opposed to the Greek ideal of one vote for every rich Greek man and sod the slaves, poor, women and foreigners), and that if the hawks really want to renounce everything French maybe they should start by blowing up the Statue of Liberty and renaming the gaping crater "Freedom Hole".

Created By: Rachel Hicks