Response to A short history lesson

Eyal, in our debating I never realized how racist and elitist you are. First: "USA have protected Israel in the UN with the Veto since the 22 Arab countries + some of their friends and lackeys have been using the UN to bash Israel." Thanks to the US/UK Israel is somehow doing better than those 22 Arab countries. Don't talk about the Arab millions. The US/UK control what weapons get into the Arab nations and they make sure Israel has the best. Also those poor Israeli are not living in concentration camps as the Palestinians are. Nor are they being threatened by the US for their WMD which they alone have in abundance. In the begining, I do believe Israel needed help protecting herself but now she is the bully on the block. Just as the US is the world bully. Why may I ask didn't we go to war with Israel when it invaded Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt? Make real arguments not racist propoganda. "so? the french basically made a gambit. the wanted to stop the US or at the very least hinder it." You point out exactly why I admire France's stance, they did try to stop the US/UK from warring on Iraq. They were right to do it and so were Germany and Russia. Its amazing to me that I have lived to see my country US act more like the old USSR and Russia/Germany show ideals closer to what US ideals have been professed to be. Reality really bites. Doensn't it Eyal? Maybe your comments to me about my being a Tony D. Jr have more to do with Tony getting your number early on and I have just hit a few nerves? Love and peace,

Created By: Sharon White