Response to What to do about Saddam?

Eyal, would you please read some of the above posts, alternatives have been laid out. They are not as straightforwardly simplistic as "Bomb them" and need patience, diplomacy, and the ability to compromise. I have read many of your posts, and while I have yet to agree with any major point you have made, you usually attempt serious debate. However, you seem to have given up that tactic in favour of this: "No more war, no more armies, no more Banks , no more oil" - It is not helpful to stereotype those that are anti-war in this manner, could you point out where you read these statements? To whom are you attributing these remarks? "Nobody likes Saddam here, for sure. but they are ready to "swallow" 100 thousand murdered by the Regime (after GW1) but would march against GWB. " No one here is ready to "swallow" 100,000 deaths, it is people like those on this site that were protesting against the Iraqi regime when the Governments of the world were turning a blind eye and supplying them with the arms they needed to bring about these deaths. How dare you.

Created By: George O'Carroll