Response to NEWS JUST IN ! ( gardi "FORCIBLY" remove protesters)

The world is bieng run only for profit, by central banks that charge people interest on their own national currency. By international free masonary, and an elite group of capitalists, a one world autocratic supremist system. Democracy e.g. a system where people have an input into infastructural, and directional policies is a bad joke. The order of the day is control of info, people, food, energy, and resources by the supremist system, that sees the world as a chess board. It is an profit equation, that makes poor people unequatable, as they dont even register as consummers. It is a equation that is blind to the final sum, which is destruction our species. We join the other extinct species. Like opium, power and corruption is seducing, enslaving our so called leaders. Let lips utter truth, let the darknes retreat, with its stench of death, let the true spirit of man shine like a star, from the brow of the enlightened sons and daughters of the everlasting light.

Created By: stephen simpson