Response to A short history lesson

Eyal, I have been trying to pull back but since you write that I have got you fuming, thought I should address it. You wrote: "and what really makes me mad i MEAN JUST FUMING. is that soft hearted, sesitive person like you are could sit in a comfy chair half way around the world and calmly debate my destruction + compare me to the Nazies AND call me an elitist without any idea about the history of my country (yea - before 67 and after) or a grasp of the situation in the middle east." I am a soft hearted and sensitive person. I am also honest, however, which does mean I call them as I see them. I may not be an expert on the middle east, but I do follow and have for a long time the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. I initially bought all the Israeli propoganda, until I did some research. And being an honest person had to change my opinions on a few things. I do not wish for the destruction of Israel or you as you accuse me. I do wish for the Palestinian people to get the same respectful treatment you want. And, the history prior to 1967 is one mostly of Israel being created and propped up by the US/UK without any consideration of the Palestinians who lived there peacefully with Jews prior to our meddling. It is not all as you present. The Palestinians have been treated worse than a dog in the street by the world until recently when many of us gained more access to the "world's news". And while Sharon waited briefly, now that he's tasting US victory he has once again invaded the occupied territory and bulldozed and killed. I think it is just as sad when Palestinians strap on bombs but I do not forget that Sharon caused this last Intafada. When you play the I fear Saddam card, you justify war on Iraq as if it really had anything to do with Israeli safety. You are a bright person and you know as well as I do, that Saddam hasn't been a threat outside his nation for the last 12 years. You intimate all the Arab peoples are the villians against the poor Israeli's. Israel is better armed and does have US assurance if they were attacked, the Arab nations have no such guarantees. Your racism and elitism comes from your own statements to me about the above issue. One question, are you an Israeli citizen or a Brittish citizen of Jewish origin? It doesn't really matter its just a little confusing from your shares. Love and peace,

Created By: Sharon White