Response to Why so stupid??

Quite Frankly Jac, up until this point I have been very patient with you, and even after your last comment I will continue to be patient. But don't come this chat room and claim that our opinions are not valid and we have no life. I believe that the majority of the people in this website have a significant amount of intelligence, and constantly contribute insightful arguments. Unlike yourself I have experianced what it is like to have someone die in your arms, to how scary and horrible death can be. I have seen it in my work and regular life, do not judge anyone in this room, unless you can back up your claims. Of all the web pages I have been to, this is by far the most educated and well informed group. I would like it if you continue to participate in our discussions, but I suggest you turn off CNN and open a book. Anyways.. Yes there are chemicals that may exist in Iraq, but once again they are usless if there isn't a proper method to distribute them. I highly doubt that the US has found chemicals though, since I have not even heard of its existence. I would figure that a discovery so large would recieve some significant air time. What you are failing to realize that there is strong evidence that suggests that George Bush, and the administration may be more detrimental to the well being of the UNited States, than Saddam Hussien. I urge you to look at several things. 1. The murder rate in the U.S is around 4 times higher than the rest of the G7, the Eu, and Asia. 2. The U.S. has the highest incarceration rate in the world. 3. Gun deaths avg around 30,000 a year. The Patriot Act II is eliminating several civil liberties that should be safeguarded by the constitution i.e. the government will have the ability to take away ANY Americans citizen status, without due process. 4. Unemployment rates have shot up 2 percent since Bush has been elected. 5. An ever increasing debt, that is getting worse. 6. One of if not the highest iliteracy rates in NATO. 7. A failing economy. I am not pointing out every problem, but you should get the point. What I suggest is this, Yes Saddam is a horrible dictator, but there are many domestic problems that occur in the U.S. that are more harmful to American citizens. Like I said, I would like you to continue in the group, but try to keep your comments dignified.

Created By: Michael Adams