Response to How do you feel about Peter Arnetts sacking?

Dear Declan, I appreciate your response. I reread the posting by Tony and still hold that it has racist undertones and is inflamatory and seeks, albeit with great civility, to incite an old hatrid of the Jews based on the idea of a conspiracy of Jews for world power. Since this was Hitler's argument, (and I do not hold with the theory of historical revisionism-the holocaust DID happen) I think it only prudent to be a bit more cautious when such allegations are made about people. I have no problem with the posting up until paragraph 8, the sentance that contains: "Michael Savage, a jew,..." That is where the trouble starts and Tony begins to manipulate the text to suggest and support his agenda. Next in paragraph 10 he reports: "all of whom were jews, the jews have had extreme influence in the media for the last 75 years. When Gentile Ted Turner..." And again in paragraph 10: "when Sumner Redstone, (aka Murray Rothstein) a Jew, of Viacom..." Tony does not use the word Zionist or Likud party member or any term except 'Jew" Each and every person on his list is condemned primarily because of being jewish, not because off any proven link to radical conservative or zionist organizations. Here is a little experiment: exchange the word "jew" with "white of European heritage" ; such an observation, like Tony's of the jewish heritage of the owners, would not instantly mean that each "white" was a member of the KKK. Though 100% of KKK members are "white of European heritage" not every "white" is a member of the KKK. Yet Tony insinuates (with no proof shown) that all the jews he is talking about are Zionist and/or anti-american. I simply ask for a bit more proof on that leap of faith. As to the finer definition of Jew being race or religion. I do believe that Hitler did make that a mute subject. Of course jews belong to the semitic races, but I consider this all just word play. Discrimination and inciting hatrid of a "people" is criminal in my book, and no bantering around with the exact meaning will excuse it. I also find it distrubing that the text that Tony relates here seems to have been lifted from another text I found at : previous_issues/may2001/jewishmedia.htm. The main page of this site states: "The aim and objective of the Tolu-e-Islam Movement is to remove all non- Quranic ideologies, beliefs, and practices prevalent in present-day Islam, and replace them with Quranic concepts based upon reason and rationale. Tolu- e-Islam's literature is essentially directed towards individuals who are in search of truth so that they can overcome the forces of secularism and be able to establish a pure Quranic society, wherever they may be." Again, I find the observations at this web-site interesting, but recognize a certain bias in the analysis. You claim it is okay to criticise Zionism. I agree. Tony did not present these people in that light, he presented only the fact of their ethnic background. That smells like racism (or anti-semitism if you prefer). Having said this I do think that the media has been consolidated into the hands of the few. I do beleive that the main stream media is a fairly big propaganda machine for this government (or big business interests), but I happen to believe that it mostly has to do with money and the greed of a few people and not a conspiracy of the "Jews" to take over the world. If you want to be credible, you will have to prove those links and accustions.

Created By: Gary Nihsen