Response to Why so stupid??


It's very hard to have any respect for your answer when it completely fails to address the question. It's a simple enough question. Just to help you out, I'll repeat it slowly: what evidence can you provide that the US and Britain, who have been so instrumental in making Iraq the nightmare it is, have had a change of heart and are not still motivated by the same self-interest that created the situation in the first place??

Oh, and thanks for putting words into my mouth... Where in my post do I mention socialism, alternatives to war, or what I was doing while the US and Britain were busy arming Iraq in the 70's and 80's? (For your information I was campaigning against the arms trade for much of the 80's. My opposition to the Ba'ath party regime almost certainly predates Blair's or Bush's, and most definitely predates Rumsfeld's, since he was one of those selling the weapons.)

Why don't you just answer the question? It won't look good for you if you don't, because everyone will be forced to conclude that you can't...


Created By: Bruce Harper