Response to How do you feel about Peter Arnetts sacking?

Dear Sharon, I am surprised at your support of the piece Tony posted. What is distrubing is that he is posting such pieces as if they were legitimate news articles and not manipultions for race hatrid incitement which is what I see them as. Again, Tony accuses "the Jews" of controlling the media. Others try to support this by arguing semantics and saying, "what he really meant is blah, blah blah." I think Tony means what he says or represents from his posts; in essence: "This war is the "Jew's" fault." As for Sharon and the Palestinians I think bringing them into the argument is much like eyal's tactic of pulling the heart-stings by alluding constantly to Hitler and the holocaust and the evil of dictators of the past and blah, blah, blah. It is a distracting tactic meant to avoid the real question: are the sentances used in that posting of Tonys racist (anti-semitic)when considered just as they are written. I think they are. For the reasons I have given. The danger lies in creating metaphors in people's minds that come to stand for rational thought. ie. Hitler was evil, Hitler was a dictator, The west had to remove Hitler who killed millions with GAS, This was a great thing to do, Saved the world for democracy, Saddam is Hitler. Go get 'em boys! This exact simplistic way of viewing the world is just as evident in the piece posted by Tony. What does Sharon and his policy of repression aginst the Palestinians have to do with someone posting an article that is basicaly a jew bashing piece? Because I won't point my finger at "Jews" I must be a Sharon apologist? (I don't think you really meant that, but it is insinuated by the reference.) If one is going to confront the terror that is Sharon's policies, all I ask is that one be carful not to throw about "Jew conspiracy" theroies that are unsupported and, again, frankly distasteful. What is the difference in labeling the ursurpers of our media "jews" and claiming all terroists are "Arab" or "Islamic"? Such negative racial, cultural, religious generalizations only inflame people to acts like that which we are trying to halt now in Iraq. ie. "Arabs" killed Americans, "Arabs", "Muslims" destroyed the Twin Towers, Iraqis are "Arabs". Go get em boys! Language is vital in this conflict. Just look at the abuses made every day in our media. Clarity is very important. Support for acusations is important. Isn't that part of our argument against the Bush machine: no support for his arguments for war? I'm just trying to be consistant.

Created By: Gary Nihsen