Response to How do you feel about Peter Arnetts sacking?

gary sorry for making you read that 'article' again posted by tony i didnt manage to read through it once, such was its quality !! i was not defending the article in the way it was written, the inferences made, or the rather obvious underlying intentions of the author - it is either intentionally racist, anti-semite (i dont have a particular preference for either ...) or unintentionally ignorant but there is, however, a substantive element that should not go unchallenged merely because this one hack has conveniently found some facts to back their already formulated treatise nor was i suggesting that anti-semitism is no longer widespread personally, the religious beliefs of a person are irrelevant to me - it is not as if hardline zionists are being particularly good jews - just as fundamnetal christians seem wholly un-christian to most and fundamental islamists seem to be missing a few pages from their korans i found this particular article by robert fisk quite interesting (in another article he quotes some of the horrendous abuse he gets for being an 'arab lover' etc ) i do not believe it is a jewish conspiracy to take over the world - i think i have already debunked this notion - but perhaps an orchestrated attempt by certain people of a similar politcal belief to exercise considerable political and media control in order to achieve their goals it's hardly a new strategy for those who believe absolute in their political beliefs we may disagree on the premise of media / political control - but i reckon we are reading from the same torrah in relation to racial, ethnic and theological slurs

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