Response to How do you feel about Peter Arnetts sacking?

Dear Declan, "i do not believe it is a jewish conspiracy to take over the world - i think i have already debunked this notion - but perhaps an orchestrated attempt by certain people of a similar politcal belief to exercise considerable political and media control in order to achieve their goals " Yes . Couldn't agree more. We are on the same page about this. I am sickened by the direction the US "mainstream" media has taken. I view it as a betrayal of the worst kind and actually hold this media almost more responsible for the state of America than I do Bush, Cheney and Co. They are supposed to be our watchdogs, damn it!! They are supposed to inform and instead disinform. It is therrefore soooo heartening to see Arnett show some integrity, something a lot of reporters seem to have sold in order to keep a solid paycheck. The bright side is the internet and the newsgroups that have sprung up. Can you imagine where we would be without these sources!!! I look forward to reading the links you listed. Dear Sharon, Bickering and unruly behavior is a good sign of the democratic spirit. Isn't it wonderful that we have nothing to hide, that we are unafraid of introspection, that we are open to new truths and willing to rock the boat and have our boat rocked?! It is the Bush crowd and the war zealots that have to hold the hard line, that cannot waver and have to keep repeating 9/11, 9/11 in order to not have to look at the facts. Don't be depressed. Celebrate! Grassroots movements are always chaotic and somewhat misdirected full of people that don't agree and do agree. It is what gives us a spiritual validity that the pro-war group lack. This thread was a good one. Another reason I was put off by Tony's posting, it took the topic into the Twilight zone for me.

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