Response to How do you feel about Peter Arnetts sacking?

Dear Sharon, I appreciate your concern. I don't believe I have said that Tony is a racist, but his posting certainly has such undertones and is directed at focusing suspicion at an ethnic group. I don't believe racism can ever be right. It is, in its definition, a failure of intellect. Could there possibly be a "conspiracy of "jews" trying to take over the world? Anything is possible, and anyone is free to voice such ideas. But without real hard evidence of a "conspiriacy" it remains just speculation. Given the public nature of this forum and the historical and sensitvie nature of the "Arab-Israel" conflict, and the focus of this site on being Anti-war, I find it inappropriate to display such speculations here. Or , go ahead and display them, but be ready to defend it. Frankly, the movement doesn't need racists. (And again, I don't know if Tony is one or not, I simply took issue with one of his postings) People have made such deals in the past and then found themselves royally screwed when they see where they end up. It was the tolerance of the US for Saddam's "excesses" simply because we thought we were walking a ways down the same road that has landed us where we are today. (or at least partly, there are other reasons as well.) Eyal, for all his being a pro-war propagandist , never displayed or posted any sentances that bashed Arabs, Islam or anyone based on their ethnic or racial heritage. Now I did not read every last one of his postings, so maybe I missed something. It is easy to get depressed when you are tired. Part of the reason I come here is to get support. Being around people (even if it is only in cyber space) who are open and active in their minds as well as in their actions is such a treat. There is very little of this in the midwest. And Sharon, we are winning, don't let the events and the reportage of the war make you feel otherwise. It is a success anytime even one person stands up and says "this aint right!". Losing would be Bush with a 100% approval rating and the world in his pocket. That hasn't happened. Of course we have yet to stop the war. But the US congress is getting more vocal. Kunich (sp) and Kerry have both been getting much louder. Crack downs only mean that the gov is getting desparate and beginnig to fear a loss of control.

Created By: Gary Nihsen