Response to Bono on the War

i'm not a begrudger. i just think it's sickening to see someone like Bono strutting around african shanty towns wearing gucci glasses saying to cameras "oh how awful... oh the humanity". and we've seen him on tv doing exactly that !! - projectile vommit inducing stuff. He doesn't do anything without there being a camera there. It's this Jesus syndrome that a lot of celebs suffer from. It's the same with Diana Princess of Wales, she supposedly took up the cause of Aids and Landmine victims by what, shaking their hands in front of cameras? Bravo, Mother Theresa II. Call me cynical but Bono and pretentious media wh0res like him are only doing it to stand in high esteem among their peers. His wife through adi roache does good work from what i can tell, they're not afraid to get their hands dirty, but this VIP bu*lshit doesn't fool anyone. Bono's on about Dropping the Debt for third world countries but i'd like to hear some arguments against that idea. for example, many african countries are completely corrupt and inept at economic management - dropping their debt wouldn't improve life for the ordinary farmers and workers would it? Would it not be more practical for him to take up a less grand cause like irrigation equipment for farmers. Learn to walk before you can run etc... obviously not sexy enough for Bono.

Created By: Guy Incognito