Response to Why so stupid??

I found some mail and I am just astonished Mr. Adams. I 'll answer some of your points (time, you know...) First of all - in previous and for several times you claim Chemical weapons are not efective eyc - well, say that to the 5000 victims of Halabja who were gassed to death. Nerve gas, for example, make you loose all body functions, starting with violent muscle spasm and progresing beyond. Mustard Gas will pretty much peel your skin off. Iraq has declard they would destroy these weapons and proove it. that was part of the end of Golf war 1. they played around for 13 years and have not done so. it was their responsibility. As for Israel and the UN - people here pretty much know what I think of the UN as a playing field for countries. the Arab countries and some muslim countries are fighting a diplomatic war against Israel and use their vast number and oil money to push resolutions in the UN. Israel is protected by the US from any operational decisions (sending UN troops to fight Israel would be a great decision wont you think?) but can not do it all the time. Israel have had to suffer condemnation after condemnation - so what? after we bombeed Iraq's French nuclear facility we had another condemnation - we saved your asses. you are welcome. As for your demeanning teenager response I could answer with the same coin If the warnicks are teenagers buying cloths (=democracy) the Peacenicks are like a little kidwho wants the entire candy store. his parents try to explain to him it is bad for him ("but you eat what you want ) - that it is too expensive (you drive a car and have a suit) - thAt it is simply unhealthy and "dangerous" to eat so much candy (but I wanna wanna wanna - I hate you, you evil parents, what have you ever done for me) now before you start replying to the last paragraph - It is not a perfect analogy, but so is your teenager idea ok? go a head, take a candy.... and finally Mr . adams - were where YOU when Sadddam gassed halabja? were are you when Congo's victim number reanches the millions? what about the child sex trade in Thailand? human rights in China? when you all travel to Belfast today - how many placards will you hold about peace in north Ireland? how many about palestine? I knew about Saddam and his regime but could not do anything about it - I was wondering why some of the professional demonstrator here were doing in '88 '89 '84 etc.

Created By: eyal kless