Dear Declan, The problem with "anti-americanism" is that it distracts focus away from the main goal of being "anti-war". Those who are pro-war can actually find solace in the fact that "Well , they really just hate us, and THATS why the oppose the war". It is hogwash that being anti-american is being "racist" those who think such thoughts have only revealed that they do not understand what an "American " is. Having said that I believe "anti-americanism" to be, in the end, counter productive, there may be some merit in it in terms of sending a message to mainstream America. It does have a tendancy to backfire. Interesting note: in the Wall Street Journal the other day there was an article reporting on the action taken by the State Senate in South Carolina. They wished to pass a bill that would officially support boycotting all French products. The bill bassed 90-9 (I am taking this from memory so that figure could be slightly off), a huge triumph. The bill was then dropped like a hot potato and never implemented. Why? Surprise, Surpirse, Michelin happens to be one of the largest employers in South Carolina. Boycott French products = putting Americans out of work.

Created By: Gary Nihsen