Response to Force is just fine for Democrat US Presidents

Dear Roger, You bring up a good point, one that has concerned and disgusted me for the last 14 years. It is one reason I did not vote for a Democratic candidate in 2000. In some cases Democrats have turned into bad clones of Republicans. The frightening part is just how far to the right the Republican party is moving and has moved. However, because of the type of party system we have in the US, I have come to the conclusion that the Democratic party may be the only hope to stem the slide into neo-facisim that the current government has embraced. What is interesting is that at the onset of the war, both Democrats and Republicans voiced opposition to the war plans of Bush. It is only since the "Support the Troops" trump card has been played in congress that most are holding their tongues. No one wants to appear "Un-Patriotic."

Created By: Gary Nihsen