Response to Bono on the War

right, but what is Bono's opinion ? - something along the lines of the IMF dropping all debt to poor and most of the time corrupt governments. what kind of example does that set for sound economic management and self governance? - lads dont worry about yer debts cos some enigmatic rock star wearing designer glasses will get it dropped for yiz anyway. sure, everyone has a right to voice their opinion and use their influence to get it into the public domain but this whole drop the debt cause is badly thought out and in Bono's case not thought out at all, except from an image perspective. If he stopped being a rock-star cliche for one second then he might achieve something real and concrete instead of just meeting premiers, popes, and eh...oprah winfrey. As far as i can see he just wants to rub shoulders with powerful people and have them listen to his sentimental drivel. Bono: I was very humbled to find out that the less time I spent in the studio, the better the music seemed to get! The band is really supportive of my work. They just wish the people I was hanging out with weren't so un-hip!' you go, Jesus christ superstar !

Created By: Guy Incognito