Response to Force is just fine for Democrat US Presidents

roger you raise some intersting points and some intersting questions as a result in what way is it your belief that clinton appeased the north korean government? precisely in what way did he ignore any attempt to get bin laden ? and why? in relation to soft tv, when does any american politician put themselves in a position where they can expect tough questions? is such an outlet still available in america ? you clearly believe saddam is/was a threat to the united states, and that to suggest otherwise is false - on what factual evidence do you base this belief? you also seem to believe (correct me if i am wrong) that all options had been exhausted before the use of force. could you tell me all the peaceful attempts that failed, and if you could also explain why many methods which were not tried would presumably have also failed i thought, along with the sheer overwhelming majority of non government aligned analysists that the american government was beeing incredibly shortsighted - please educate me as to how this is an incorrect belief my version of events based on reports from weapons inspectors at the time and un reports on such matters, is that the inspectors were withdrawn not expelled, and this had a lot to do with cia infiltration - would you be so good as to tell me your version so as i may correct myself when clinton et al suggested the need for force do you know if he was also suggesting ignoring the united nations, breaking international law, ignoring the vast majority of the citizens of the world, and the majority of his own citizens ? i appreciate your post and would very much welcome you taking the time to correct and educate me

Created By: Declan Finlay