Response to Why so stupid??

As someone who works in the financial arena and sees the real reasons for this war and the forthcoming wars against Iran and Syria (and further attempts to oust Hugo Chavez from his democratically elected position in Venezuela) on a daily basis, I find the level of ignorance among pro-war factions to be quite astounding. While every sane human being must utterly condemn the unspeakable atrocity perpetrated on America on 9/11 it is imperative that joe public comes to understand how the current US administration have shamelessly used the profound grief and anger aroused by that atrocity to further their own political and economic agenda in the Middle East. I would also like to indicate that, while I understand Americans affinity to patriotism and pursuit of freedom, I think that these interests woud be best served through the removal of the current administration and the reclaiming of governance by the people for the people. As briefly as I can I will try to outline the current economic scenario that has led to this conflict and other imminent conflicts. 1. Every country needs oil. Until recently, all oil had to be paid for in dollars. Only America can produce dollars. In order for all other countries to get the dollars that they need to buy oil, they must provide the US with goods/services in return. As a result, the US effectively gets its imports for free. 2. The Euro was introduced largely to compete with the dollar for a share of this kind of effective subsidy for Europe. 3. In 1999, Iraq began trading its oil in Euro. It also subsequently converted its 10 billion dollar food-for-aid account in BNP Paribas, New York to Euro. Result? The US now has to actually service some of its incredibly large national debt and has to actually pay, in real terms, for some of its imports. 4. The axis of evil argument emerges, coincidently comprising of the countries who have either begun, or signalled their intention, to move away from the dollar as their oil transaction and-or reserve currency. 5. Venezuela negotiates barter agreements with 13 separate countries through which they can barter their oil for much needed goods and services from these 13 countries. Result for the US? Oops, another 13 countries that no longer need the dollar to buy oil. Beginning to get the picture yet? The house of cards on which the US economy is precariously balanced is beginning to feel the breeze. 6. OPEC indicates its intention to review the Euro as an alternative oil trading currency. 7. What are the options now for the US - there are two (a) negotiate a more equitable and stable global monetary system, or (b) use force to reverse the decisions of those who have broken with the dollar and threaten the use of force against those who would consider this in the future. I assume even the pro-war faction do not need me to tell you which course the US has chosen!

Created By: Bob Blake