Response to Why so stupid??

Eyal, Firstly, You should take reports from either weapons inspectors such as Scott Ritter, or read works from Gyen Dywer. You say things have evolved from WWI in reagrds to chemical weapons cability. Well in reality they haven't. It has been estimated that to kill a thousand people with chemicals it will take around a thousand chemical artillery shells. You bring up the notion that the missle is the new method of delevering a chemical agent which in you view is more deadly. I suggest that you read a little more on the subject. The scud missle which in the past has been Iraq's feared weapon, has proven to be its most inneffecient weapon. It was produced in 1974 by the Soviets and sold to Iraq. These are not reproduced weapons based on the 1974 model, they are the actual 1974 model. THe scud missle has proven to very very unaccurate and very unpredictable. During the Gulf War Iraq lanuched around 30-35 scud missles into Israel. None of the missles hit the intended target, most of them landed in un populated areas. There was only one fatality as a result of the attacks, and that was an elderly man who died of a heart attack. Don't claim things about chemical weapons that you cannot back up. You bring up the point that if the would it be better to leave Iraq alone and let him build a nuclear weapon. I never said to leave Saddam alone. There is a reason why Saddam could not build a nuclear weapon from 1991 until now. A nuclear weapon cannot be built in a basement, it has to be built in a highly industrial plant. If Saddam ever begun to restart building nuclear weapons satellite images would pick up the reconstruction of these plants. If you don't believe me just look at the satelitte images coming out of Iran. You will probally say, well he will hide the facilities. That is impossible from him to do. Firstly in order to refine uranium into weapons grade first like I said before it has to be produced in a nuclear refinery plant. The thing about these plants if that they emit low levels of radiation, that can be dected by satellite. Even the stored containers of radium or uranium can be dectected by satelite. I never suggest leaving Saddam alone. As for Halabaja and the US position it seems like you have a case of selective hearing. You point out that I am under the impression that the US did the bombing which again I do not say. I am saying that from 1983 onwards, Iraq was regularly supplied with intellegence on Iranin troops movements and dispositions gathered by the American AWACS aircraft (Airborne Warning Control System) in the gulf, and starting in 1986 U.S. airforce officers on detached duty secretly helped their Iraqi counterparts to interpret American supplied AWACS and satellite imagery to plan attackss against Iran -including offensives in the Fao peninsula during which there was lavish use of poison gas. I never said the US gassed the people in Halabja, but the US provided the Iraqis with some of intellegence and chemical agents used in Halabja. Take some time a read up on the subject. Once again you use irrelavant pieces of information to try and make a counter argument. China, Tawain, Kosovo, are irrelavant. Why? because this is the irish anti war site, which exlusively pertains to the current Iraq war. If you want to debate Kosovo with somone create a new dicussion board. I am not against the removal of Saddam in principle, nor I doubt anyone really is. But there is a difference between removal which has consent from the UN and the Arab league, and a basic unilateral action taken by the US. I am against the war not because of the civilian loses (even though it is a part of it) but of the dangerous and aggressive policies that the US has taken in the middle east. The problem with a lot of pro-war enthusists is that they just see the removal of Saddam as the principle reason for going to war. I believe that most americans have a poor perception of how the US has conducted itself in the region in the past, and some how believe that the adminstration will some how rectify itself there. I also never said I disliked the US, I really like it there. I live just north of the border of the US, and make frequent visits there. I actually doubt anyone here hates americans, so don't try and use it as an argument.

Created By: Michael Adams