Response to Why so stupid??

Good point Bob, I share your feeling that the theory might prove depressingly predictive over the coming months.

However, and not withstanding that, and call me naive (Gabby, you're naive), and I don't know if you caught it or not, but I was actually kind of impressed by Blair's speech at Hillsborough this morning (those NLP courses he supposedly takes really work!) - even baby Bush's behaviour had the general air of having been Blairified. I've searched in vain for the full text (the best I could find was this Irish Times report - the BBC and RTE reports are no better) - but no doubt it'll be available tomorrow.

His emphasis on the "vital role" of the UN (not forgetting how much damage this war has done to it, or maybe I am) and on the primacy of Iraqi control (if that can mean anything), gives some credence to me of a possible reason why he ever went so far with Bush in the first place - to ameliorate and ultimately negate the neocon agenda by the most effective means - from within.

Oh well, I'll keep taking the happy pills I suppose.

Michael, good luck with your efforts to engage "scatter-gun" Eyal in serious debate. I'm afraid I have to agree with Gary Nihsen's damning conclusion in another thread, that his only agenda is "a safe Israel and a dead Saddam".

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