Response to Did anyone else think it was very wrong to burn the USA flag?

Shane, you are having the same problem many US citizens have. They debate how one can be anti war and support the troops. I think that is an oxymoron myself. Just as the flag burning is. One who is anti war usually is against killing of any kind. So I don't know if as anti war I really can support the troups. I can support that they should not be sent off to die by their leaders. The flag is the same way. If I am protesting my countries policies, how can I also protest someone burning the flag of the country I'm protesting. I may not think it has PR value to burn a flag, but it is afterall just a peice of cloth. I would support someone else who felt they had to use that form of speach. I hope I didn't make this murkier. Love and peace,

Created By: Sharon White