Response to Why so stupid??


I and others have posted extensive historical background elsewhere on this site about both the UK and the US's role in the rise to power of first the Ba'ath party and then Saddam Hussein as it's leader. You show very little regard for history that doesn't suit your arguments (i.e. anything specifically to do with Iraq and the Middle East), but believe me, the West is massively and undeniably culpable for the desperate state of Iraq and the rest of the Middle East. If you're really interested in expanding your knowledge and considering the facts rather than repeatedly demonstrating your ignorance I suggest you go do some reading.

What you say about double standards is a bit strange. I don't understand how all of us on the site exhibit double-standards over the list you supply (China, Cambodiya, Congo, N Ireland,kosovo etc). Did I say somewhere that the US should start a war against Northern Ireland?? Maybe I forgot. I'm sure part of your problem with us here is that you really want us all to be peacenik-hippy-pacifist types with no grasp on reality. You repeat this theme ad nauseum, but the truth you can't or won't acknowledge is that many people with far superior knowledge and far more consistently thought-out perspectives than you oppose this war. I admire your vain courage in continuing the discussion against such massive opposition and with such hopelessly inconsidered arguments, but I'm convinced you don't actually listen to anything anybody says. Why not? I would give fair consideration to your evidence if you provided any (and I mean evidence, rather than your stream of half-baked analogies and personal attacks). Why don't you show our arguments the same respect?

I'm intereted in your assertion that you would support similar reprisals against Israel if it used chemical agents. I presume you would extend this to other nations? What degree of evidence would you require as proof? How many people would they need to kill to cross your acceptability threshold? How far back in time would you go? There is plenty of anecdotal evidence that the USA has used chemical weapons. What about depleted uranium and cluster bombs? What about arms dealers? People who sell guns to street criminals get locked up - so how about the perpetrators of corporate and state-sponsored arms deals? What do you suggest should be done about them, and who should do it? Would it be moral to sit on your hands and do nothing? Or is it just an acceptable double-standard??


Thanks for your excellent analysis of the financial background to the situation. This article in the same vein might be of interest to you and others.

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