Response to Leaving and I aint coming back

OK, I know this is off the track a bit, but I couldn't pass it by. <> eyal. It depends who you're asking. If you're talking to someone in Kabul, they'll probably tell you things are better overall, but that the country is unstable, the "democratic" government is a mess and people are still dying when America bombs them by mistake. Take a trip outside the cities and in many places people (especially women) are no better off than they were under the Taliban. Brutal war lords run the show, women are still hidden under their burkas and subjected to forced "chastity tests", the drugs trade is flourishing, poverty and hunger are still rife, and above all people are shocked and dismayed at how quickly the US has forgotten them. The simple fact is that the US has invaded, messed up and now abandoned Afghanistan. Not the best example you could have taken to illustrate just how caring and humanitarian the US is, or a model example of what war achieves.

Created By: Rachel Hicks