Response to Bush in belfact

Dear Eyal, What better way to promote and give credibility to the peace process then by holding a council of war!! How dare Bush and Blair come over preaching peace while they continue to fight a war in Iraq! How dare Bush try and attach himself to a peace process which has seen constructive dialogue and political solutions overcome decades of bloodshed and terrorism, while he himself continues to tell the world that the only way to stop terrorism is to wage war. Tony Blair has done much for the peace process, but that doesn't excuse or legitimise his actions in Iraq. (As already pointed out). Clinton had real insight into the situation in Northern Ireland, and a genuine interest in helping - the results of which can be seen today. Bush probably couldn't find Belfast on a map, let alone have any kind of knowledge or understanding of the north. I just love your attitude of safe Israel and dead Saddam at any cost. So far all I've seen is a magical disappearing Saddam, lots of dead civilians and Israel continuing to kill innocent Palestinians.

Created By: Rachel Hicks