Response to Leaving and I aint coming back

Take a trip over to Afghanistan and see just how "successful" the war was there. One of the Bush administration's big selling points for that war was "liberation" for the women of Afghanistan - that hasn't happened. I know things don't change overnight, but the fact is that the US has abandoned Afghanistan and left it in a very precarious position. A recent UK government report stated that the country was in danger of falling into complete chaos if things don't improve. Check out to see just how bad the situation is. Besides, doesn't the argument that democracy can't be brought to a country that hasn't had it for years mean that it will be impossible to bring democracy to Iraq?? Afghanistan is a mess and its people are suffering. You can't ignore that fact no matter how hard you try or what feeble justifications you give. I couldn't believe my eyes when I read the lines <> How dare you??!! I'd like to see you explain that to the grieving relatives. What would you say to the family whose house was mistakenly bombed yesterday? As for the argument that innocent people die in car crashes each day that is just ridiculous. There is a difference between getting into a car to drive from A to B, and firing bullets and dropping bombs which - at the end of the day - have one purupose only which is to kill people. It's very easy for us here in the West to talk about the "cost" of war, and the "unfortunate" tragedy of civilian casualties - try justifying that to the dead and their relatives.

Created By: Rachel Hicks