Response to Leaving and I aint coming back

How dare you even insinuate that I support and accept what Saddam was doing??!! Of course I don't!! I thank my lucky stars that I don't have to live under that kind of tyranny, but I also thank my lucky stars that I'm not being "liberated" by being bombed! You cannot ever justify taking an innocent life - deliberately or not. I firmly believe that. Once you go down the road of saying 'these innocent people unfortunately have to die, but it's for the greater good' then you have taken a wrong turning somewhere. The fact is, that no matter how good our intentions, we are killing innocent people. That is a fact, and there's no escaping it. If we're really so concerned about tyranny and evils of brutal regimes, why aren't we invading the countries where exactly the same thing is happening? What about Saudi Arabia? China? Russia? Any number of other countries? I have to go now, but I'll say one last thing - you cannot justify taking innocent life, for any cause or ideal, and there is always an alternative or a preventative to war. And before you throw World War 2 at me, just remember that that too could have been prevented without military action, (Versailles, 1918) and that even that "just" war was the product of a previous war. War begets war. Violence begets violence. Innocent life should never be sacrificed.

Created By: Rachel Hicks