Response to How will America deal with the North Koreas.

Damo, unless the American public rise up against their Government en masse, they will procede with their plan to bomb North Korea, as soon as their stocks of ordinance are replenished. The Axis of evil only included North Korea as a pathetic attempt by America to divert attention away from suggestions of a Holy War. The North Koreans, like the Iraqis, will get their blanket media demonisation treatment in the build up to their show, since it's easier to murder "sub-humans". With the hysteria following France's "unreasonable" exercise of her veto of the second resolution against Iraq, it doesn't take a great leap of imagination to envisage a scenario where US media could justify to it's audience of sheep an attack on Paris. North Korea? piece of pie. All North Korea wants is an agreement from Washington, that she will not be attacked pre-emptively, in exchange for a return of the weapons inspectors and dismantling their nuclear programme. North Korea realises that the only language that the US understands is ugly brute force, aimed at her heart. Therefore, North Korea is accelerating her capacity to deliver a nuclear device to the US western seaboard, it's reported that they may be there or there abouts. The best way forward to deal with North Korea is a diplomatic multi-lateral approach, through her neighbours and the UN. South Korea used to have excellent working relationship that was really helping but of course this was wrecked by America and is even stirring up hatred for the US occupying forces amoungst the younger South Korean population. Sad as it may seem, I believe that the only language a brute enforcer understands is brute force. Europe desperately needs to unite economically and militarily to stand up to US unilateralism and the key to it's unification is Tony Blair. He needs to come around and hopefully, with the nuclear stakes so high, it won't be too late.

Created By: Charles Monroe