Response to have you seen it?

The toppling of a statue is not liberation.

We all remember the dancing in the streets, listening to radios and removing of burkas that took place in Kabul not so long ago.

But what has changed there? In some places it is worse and in most of it certainly not better. It is certainly worse for the dead and maimed and the people who loved them.

Of course you will trot out the usual nation building is complex and takes time horseshit.

In the coming years you wont be on this site debating Iraq - it will be forgotten. That people's lives have not improved will not matter.

You will be somewhere else gushing about humanitarian endeavours in whatever the conquest is at the time.

We saw a list of US Interventions recently all of which you can explain away with words like terrorism, communism or mistake.

In 20 years people will be slowing admitting that this war an old-fashioned war of conquest but they will certainly not be saying that about the contemporary wars of that time unless something changes radically.

Created By: tony thegreek