Is Human Life Sacred?

The question is, is human life sacred? Can a war that is not in response to a pre-imminent strike ever by justified? Is war not just the murder of human beings called the "enemy"? I was raised as a Catholic and taught that killing is wrong. I am horrified by this war, because it seems that human life has lost all value. I live in an affluent Republican are in the USA. All the people at my church were shocked when the war started. Most vowed, to be very careful not to let this happen again! ( Most people do not support the war! The media sources are currently controlled by the same corporations that had this administration elected. Out of at least 100 hundred people that I spoke to only one supported the war. ) Everyone suffers when there is a war! There are no sides! Just people having their lives destroyed because they are either following orders or are the civilian population of the "enemy"! Wars are always faught for economic reasons. However, the public is always given an altruistic reason, so that they will fight it! People should stop arguing and villianizing one another. They should realize that we are considered to be the little people. We are easily manipulated by the government officials who play on our emotions! The fundamental question still remains. Is life sacred? Can the mass killing of people, ever be justified? If I don't respect the right of another person to have life, then my own life ceases to have value! Maybe we can't stop this war, but we can prevent future wars and we can think of humanitarian aid to the refugees! We must think of ourselves as the family of man. This is the only way we can stop future wars and end the pain and suffering! The question is life sacred? The answer is, it has to be or we all suffer!

Created By: Ellen Marcia Rand