I am experiencing a little difficulty in boycotting American products. I don't drink Coca-Cola or go to McDonalds so that is easy. Nike and Calvin Klein are easy to avoid. But my computer at work is Compaq (at home Dell) and uses MS Windows with an Intel Microprocessor. I could use a Mac but that is from California. I read somewhere that the Internet grew out of a US Department of Defense grant but I need the web. Aer lingus flies me home 2-3 times a year on a Boeing 747. But the boat is two slow and expensive. I just got back from Longford where all six movies playing were American. The local theatre was putting on Oklahoma! I guess I should stay home and watch Friends. If I go to the pub all the young people in town are drinking Bud and Miller and wearing baseball cabs. My mother drives an Opel but that is made by GM. I am thinking of going home for good but the best jobs on offer are from Abbott Labs (from Chicago). All pay taxes in the US and part goes to the military. We are all complicit. It's not easy to live in a complex world. If only you could narrow everything down to a simple slogan that fits on a sign and walk about town with it. Life would be so much easier and you could feel really good about yourself and pretend that you mattered.

Created By: Brendan H