Response to a day of reflection

i admit to being wrong about the following:- - British and American media censorship of the images of death and destruction inflicted upon the 1200 dead iraqi civilians. - weapons of mass destruction not being found in Iraq. - american unilateralism and shock and awe enraging the arab world and fuelling support for revenge attacks. - american unilateralism splitting the international community - reconstruction contracts being exclusively handed out to american companies - threats being made against syria and iran, and claims by the pentagon that iraq's WMD's were moved to syria before the war. - israel using the war to launch lethal unprovoked attacks on palestinians - the effects of hundreds of tonnes of depleted uranium, unexploded bombs, landmines and cluster bomblets on iraq for years to come. - the thousands and thousands of iraqi orphans the war would create. nice to see none of that has happened though!

Created By: Guy Incognito