Response to Why so stupid??

War is hell on earth. If Satan exists, he is laughing and dancing in gleeful delight at what has taken place in Iraq. I was appalled to read of the bombing of a residential area in Baghdad several days ago with four, one ton, "bunker buster" bombs dropped from a US bomber. In the rubble was found the head of a woman, severed from her decapitated torso, a dead boy (perhaps her son) and the body of an elderly man.The International Red Cross is giving reports of thousands of casualties, adults and children with blown off arms and legs and severe brain injuries. These civilian deaths and injuries were not necessary. You who support this war must take some responsibility for what has happened and may yet happen. Some of the blood is on your hands. I remain vehemently opposed to this form of warfare and I hope to continue opposing this type of violent aggression against humanity until my last breath. You war mongers with your cold black hearts, your self-righteousness and your narrow, rusted-shut minds are disgusting. Perhaps you have never experienced the pain of losing a loved one and can feel no compassion. Where is your humanity? I am sick of war and those who revel in it.

Created By: Patrick Boyd