Response to Bono on the War

To Guy Make believe. You only saw 20? Or did you stop after that figure? Or can you not count pass 20? How do you know that they were not genuinely celebrating their liberty? Were you there? What would you have done to avert war. Let me see. 1. Get a petition going where the likes of humanites and rec management students could sign up and fell all important about themselves. 2. Get your Gran to knit an anti-war sweater cool! 3. Deny all the facts and clap yourself silly while hugging a decidous tree at the same time. I am sure you woiuld manage it somehow 4. Lie down on a road and call the gaurds names oohh that will do it. 5. Drop in to buckleys and have a heated debate with your elitist friends about your bad hair days. Guy grow up.

Created By: damo mackerel