Response to How will America deal with the North Koreas.

i am deadly serious

you see america as a shining light of democracy, freedom, enlightenment, a peaceloving, godfearing nation acting in the best interests of humanity

i, and a considerable portion of the world would disagree with considerable strength (after we finish laughing at such nonsense)

yet you are so convinced that the united states is the good guy that all other forms of government are wrong, that any other nation arming themselves to the teeth is wrong, that other countries breaking agreements, un charters and resolutions, and international laws are wrong

but the us is a-ok to do all this and more

evil ussr
evil china
evil cuba
evil iraq
evil syria
evil iran
evil anybody we dont like

which country has invaded the most countries outside international law?
which country has instigated the most coups?
which country has overthrown most democratically elected governments?
which country has trained the most dictatorships in the black arts of counter insurgency?
which country routinely provides brutal dictatorships with weaponry?
which country provides brutal dictatorships with WMD?
which country proivides intelligence to brutal dictatorships to slaughter their citizens?
which country has killed the most civilians in the past 30 years?
which country has used the most weapons of mass destruction, the most?
which country has used nuclear weaponry on civilians?
which country vetoed a un resolution preventing nuclear attacks on non nuclear countries?
which country has vetoed un resolutions on the proliferation of wmd?
which country has the largest stockpiles of wmd?
which country has the largest stockpile of nuclear weaponry?
which country spends more than every other military power combined on its military strength while their citizens go hungry, homeless, illiterate, die prematurely, denied healthcare?
which country uses depleted uranium?
which country uses cluster bombs on civilians?
which country has vetoed un resolutions on human rights?
which country has vetoed un resolutions on womens rights?
which country has vetoed un resolutions on childrens rights?
which country executes its citizens?
which country remains in continuous breach of the geneva convention?
which country systematically uses torture?
which country uses racial profiling to inter people?
which country has set the precedent of preventive strikes ?
which country condones and promotes corruption and bribery in government?
which country constantly uses military and economic threats to impose its policies on other nations?
which country vetoed a un resolution aimed at preventing the worst excesses of this action?
which country refuses to sign up to the ICC?
which country uses a political system to de-facto prevent ordinary citizens from being elected to government, and allows government to act on behalf of its sponsors?

i have no love for Kim Chong-il yet i have more urgent fears of George W Bush, his regime, and his terrorism of his own nation and the world

maybe if the united states stopped interfering in the business of other nations and removed all threats from them we could have a normalising of international relationships, where war (and christ nuclear war) was more than a hair trigger away

but no

america is right
north korea is wrong

simple as that
black and white

(please feel free to insert any other country in to the space occupied by 'north korea')

Created By: Declan Finlay